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God Only Knows Video (BBC)

Producing the lynchpin of the project: Brian Wilson.  Served as the Los Angeles producer of the music video for the charity single created to raise money for Children In Need. The Los Angeles portion only included the composer and Beach Boy, Brian Wilson.   Leveraging the relationship forged with Wilson during “The Wrecking Crew, helped in the production that day.

Elton John Video, “I Want Love” starring Robert Downey, Jr.

I was called on a Thursday in August of 2001, from a London Producer asking about my availability for this video that was shooting on the following Tuesday.  I assumed the London Producer had the job set up at a Los Angeles company but wanted me to oversee it.   Couldn’t be further from the truth.  It was an Elton John Video that needed a company and producer to shoot with Robert Downey Jr. (who hadn’t worked since his stint on Ally McBeal)  He was currently still in treatment.

Director Sam Taylor Wood and DP Seamus McGarvey from London were flying in on Sunday to scout for a location on Monday and shoot on Tuesday.

I quickly booked a location on Friday, hired a crew and on Tuesday we shot an award winning video.  As we all know in production, you can never have too much prep.   But maybe we had just enough on this one. 

72nd Academy Awards Opening with Billy Crystal Film Montage

I was brought in as an outside producer for Dakota Films to budget and oversee production of the opening film of the Academy Awards.  The previous years, the opening film featured the top 5 films that were nominated for Best Film.  Because this was 2000, they wanted to feature Billy Crystal in the top 15 films of century.    I was responsible to work with the producers of the Academy Awards show and create a budget that was acceptable for production and the Academy.   Oversaw pre-production and production.  Hired the crew and we were able to pull off 15 movie sets in 3 days.  The previous  “Billy Films” took 2 days for 5 films.

The Wrecking Crew Documentary

This feature documentary was a labor of love that started in 1996.  It's the story of the great session players that recorded some of the greatest pop songs in the 1960s and 70s.  Self financed, it took 19 years to get it to the screen.  Over a dozen awards were given in the festivals and award season.  It has been listed as number 20 in the top 50 of all time music docs.  

I’m most proud of seeing this to the end and coming up with unique marketing ideas that helped raise the needed $750,000 to pay for the rights of the 110 songs in the film.

Southern Comfort commercial

This advertisement was shot in New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina. I served as producer of this commerical made for England.

All videos produced by Denny Tedesco
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